Such a simple statement and yet today this connotation can be an Enigma for some in their interpretation.
 In some circles it is often referred to as The Complete Rottweiler-The Total Rottweiler etc. and the advocates for such titles can be vociferous and inflexible in their beliefs as to the true vocation of this wonderful breed.
 It is of course true that Rottweiler’s, like many other breeds, were bred for specific purposes but it is also correct to say that many of the initial tasks they were bred for are no longer required in today’s society. This does not by implication suggest that we should not strive to maintain and promote their primary characteristics in today’s modern community but it is my personal belief that there are so many endeavours that they are able to fulfil without denigrating their inherent ability to Work.
Therein lays the dilemma and the divisions within our breed. Some are classified as Show Dogs-Agility Dogs-Obedience Dogs - Pat Dogs- Companion Dogs and to the “Purists” a Working Dog and no common ground is found among all the adversaries. I am particularly saddened by this and having competed successfully in various fields of endeavour I state unequivocally that all of these descriptions can be easily identified by just one word ROTTWEILER.
There is absolutely no reason why they should be distinguished by different titles. They are potentially one and the same dog and all should be capable of all these endeavours if a sensible breeding and training programme is strictly adhered to.
We have experienced success in the Show Scene and made up many Show Champions but I have also been truly blessed to have bred and trained Jacraila Blitzkreig CDEX-UDEX-WDEX-TD. The Top Working Trial Dog of the Year 1992 (all Breeds S.W.T.S.) winning the CDEX Championship Trial with a score of 99-100. This dog was bred from a Show Champion Sire and a Dam with only Show qualifications.
In the U.K. the primary avenue for Working Qualifications is to compete in Working Trial competitions and these have long been established and recognised in the U.K. by our K.C.
It is a formidable task to achieve any accreditation in this particular field of endeavour. The trials are open to all breed of dog and this is in itself a daunting challenge. Each and every one of the breeds competing has their own particular skills. Dominating these tests is the incredible Border Collie, who is unique in working competitions. Also competing is the GSD, unsurpassed in Police Work, The various Gun Dog Breeds with their inherent ground covering ability, The Cross Breeds with a variety of Skills and on occasion The Rottweiler.
Working Trials in the UK are unique as I believe we are the only country to have scaling the six foot wall as a mandatory exercise even in the lowest classification. Failure in this one exercise results in failure regardless of whether you have achieved total success in all other fields. Some Trials are run over a two day period and when hundreds of dogs are competing they can be over four days.
Regardless of the weather the trial must go on and I have competed in a blinding snow storm, up a mountain, where you could not see your dog, for falling snow, lying in a ten minute out of site down stay. Even in these conditions if the stay was broken it was failure. Man work titles cannot be undertaken until ALL other titles are achieved.
Some would infer that the Rottweiler, as he is of Germanic origin, should only be trained in Schutzund. This is denigrating the Rottweilers true ability to be able to compete successfully against the very best of every breed of working dog.
After many years in the wilderness Schutzhund and Ipo training is having a renewed interest in the U.K. and I applaud all those who make the time and effort to train their dogs regardless of the discipline. I have watched “True Masters” of these crafts and they are a credit to our breed’s heritage. As my own preference, for a variety of reasons, was the Working Trial system of the UK I have no particular expertise in Schutzhund and will therefore refrain from commenting at length on this sport.
It is suffice to say that I am of the opinion that numerically there are insufficient Specialist Trainers of these particular Sports in the UK at this moment in time and in this regard I am apprehensive about their future.  The apparent fascination with bite work and the constant propagation of photos displaying man
-work does cause me some consternation. Magazines and Web Sites predominately introduce us to Schutzund with biting photos at the forefront of the article. I of course realise that in the right hands this is a Sport or a Game but to the naive it can misconstrue and devalue the other vital elements of the qualifications which of course are necessary to achieve the accreditation. My initial inception, some decades ago, into this world was quite foreboding and  the mentality and compulsive methods of those I encountered where quite alarming at that time. Time has taught me that my own experience is not necessarily universal but it is a fact that the naive can still encounter such individuals and some are still representing (wrongly i.m.o.) this wonderful activity.
My first love of dogs some fifty odd years ago was the GSD. In the UK, they were the forerunners in this sport and I personally owned this breed, for a continuous period of time,  from 1958 -1985 before entering into the World of Rottweilers. My own experience in these years was that the GSD fraternity were very singular in purpose but the Breed was sadly dividing into two separate entities. UK Style and what was termed as Germanic. I owned two of the early imported breeding some thirty five years ago and can honestly say that they themselves have seen a dramatic change since that time. I fear that the Rottweiler is also undergoing a change in this divisiveness.  The inevitable Face-Book is alive with conjecture and opinions as to the changes in our breed, in recent times, and has manifested itself in often heated debates with a divergence of opinions.
Type- Bone & Substance-Dark Pigmentation-Full Dentition-Molosser Heads- the Ability to Work-the list is endless and the Mythological and inappropriate fascination for Reach and Drive in the Rottweiler,a Trotting Dog, are just some of criteria's that need to be addressed in a conducive atmosphere by those that have earned the right to comment.
As Robert Louis Stevenson once said "All opinions, properly so called, are stages on the road to truth"

"The Truth is Out There" but are we prepared to confront it????

E.Nicol  2014
(Jacraila Rottweilers)

"THE 6ft SCALE "