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Gastric Torsion Volvulas

It is with an immense amount of sadness I find it necessary to print this E-Mail, from Dave and Eleanor Hislop, of Artig Rottweilers as a warning of the dangers of this deadly condition in the hope that we will be constantly vigilant in recognising the symptoms of Bloat.

I have had personal experience of this having frantically travelled through the night in Sweden with a Dane in the back of the car suffering immensely  from this condition. Although the dog was still alive when we eventually reached a Veterinary Hospital he sadly lost the fight for life. A terrifying ordeal for all concerned.

Eddie Nicol


Hi ,
I dont know if you have heard,but we lost our youngest bitch a week past Sat. from G.T.V. ,which is Gastric Torsion Volvulas,other wise known as bloat, but in Darcies case it was the worse stage of 3,she wasn't bloated ,her bowel had done a 100% twist. Even the vet didn't know what was wrong, and didn't until he opened her up but she died. We are heartbroken as she was only just coming up for 3,never in 25 yrs have we had anything like that. Anyway what I wanted to ask you, Is would you put an article or some reading material on Your website (Rottweilersdirect) ref this. Seems that its the biggest killer behind cancer in dogs. I know we cant bring Darcie back, but maybe can help prevent it happening to another dog (although my vet assured us there was nothing we could of done, still doesn't help though, make you feel any better).Im happy for to pay or make a donation to one of the Rott rescues. Your page reaches so many people..
Eleanor Hislop

I personally of course have no answer to this predicament but listed below are some sites which might be helpful.