It is essential that all reputable breeders have their dogs Hip Scored if they intend to breed them and I personally do not know of any genuine Rottweiler exhibitor who does not follow this criteria.
There is of course no absolute guarantee that even if this policy is strictly adhered to, on occasion disappointing results can still manifest themselves. If and when this occurs we must strive harder to analyse the reason without apportioning the blame unrealistically to the dog or the bitch. It is not as simple as this and unless there is absolute evidence that it is an inherited trait in a specific line of breeding the conclusion should be left to those with an in-depth knowledge on the subject.
It is sometimes frustrating when you receive disappointing scores from low scoring parents and I daresay most of us have asked this question on many occasions without finding a definitive answer. Perhaps it is just the facts as they are and we should not look for scapegoats, but I have gradually came to the conclusion that the person taking the X-Rays can be instrumental in the outcome of satisfactory results.
Not all vets are suitably qualified to participate in this extremely important function which could adversely affect our breeding programme. Please be careful when undertaking this procedure and do not accept bad X-Rays for submission to the B.V.A.
The lay person knows little or nothing of this procedure and therefore is at the mercy of the so called practitioner who is taking the X-Rays.  It is impossible for the average breeder to master this technique but there are a few basic principles that we can learn from others and I advise anyone contemplating having their dogs scored to read the interesting Link below.
It will not make you an expert but at least you can form an honest opinion for yourselves when you are shown your X-Rays at the surgery.


Eddie Nicol